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Thinking about joining Local 489? Looking to organize? Union membership offers you the right to a safe workplace, a guaranteed minimum wage, overtime, meal penalties, rest periods, housing and per diem on distant jobs, health insurance, retirement benefits, and training opportunities. When you join IATSE, you become part of an international team, working together to promote and protect the interests of all employees. 

Ready to get started?  Keep reading!

No worker in the U.S. can be disciplined or harassed by an employer for efforts to join or organize a union. That’s Federal Law.

Workers have the right to freely:

  • Form or Join a Union
  • Band together with fellow co-workers to improve working conditions
  • Discuss union efforts with co-workers
  • Distribute information to coworkers off the clock in non-work areas
  • Hold meetings with co-workers to discuss joining or forming a union

If you want to start a conversation about organizing your film, series or commercial contact us: 
Business Agent
Email: ba@IATSE489.org
Phone: (412) 980-4890

  • Applicants must have residency within our jurisdiction for 18 months prior to applying.
    • IATSE 489’s Jurisdiction is the 50-mile radius from Downtown Pittsburgh with a border to the west at the state line.
  • Proof of residency in one of the following forms:
    • A valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or State ID
    • If you do not have this, we will also accept the combination of documents that the PA DMV requires to establish residency.
  • Proof of 30 days of work in the covered craft for which you are applying on projects covered by an IATSE contract.
  • Two letters of reference by current 489 members.
  • You must be 18 years or older.

Interested parties should start by applying to the 489 permit list, detailed below.

If you have never been a member of IATSE, this is where you begin. Local 489 maintains a list of Permit Worker’s resumes. These are individuals who have been cleared ahead of time for residency and relevant experience. Members get first hiring consideration on a job, but when we have exhausted that list we recommend our permits for employment consideration. When employed you will be working under the union contract earning union wages and all the benefits that come with it.  This is when you begin to earn your days toward membership in IATSE 489. Permits need 30 reported days on union projects in their covered craft to receive an application for membership.

Interested parties should use the online form below to apply. Online permit applications should include all of the following or they will not be processed:
Applicants should identify up to two (2) covered crafts they are qualified to work in.

Proof of residency in one of the following forms:

  • A valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License or State ID
  • If you do not have this, we will also accept the combination of documents that the PA DMV requires to establish residency.
  • A resume showing relative experience. 

Applicants who are accepted will be notified by email. If you do not hear back in 30 days do not re-apply, please email the respective department representative with a status inquiry. You will be given instructions in the acceptance email, please review them carefully to avoid delays in your application process. 

Permit listers are required to log in to activate their account. If you fail to do so, department representative can not see your resume for hiring consideration, you will not get called,  and you will eventually be expunged from the system.

Congratulations on taking your first step toward union membership! In order to prevent delays in the process it is vital that you remember to do the following:

  • Activate your account online and actively monitor your information throughout the process.
  • Report any union work you get at least once a week. This is the mechanism in place to track your days toward membership.
  • Report changes in your address and update your resume when needed.
  • You will be sent an application after your 30th day. You are responsible for returning this as soon as possible with the required fees and documents (See FAQ below). We reserve the right to request your removal from the production if you do not return your application in a timely manner.

How long can I expect to wait for my Permit List Application to be processed?

The elected Department Representative(s) in the department(s) to which you have applied reviews your application within a month. If you have not heard back in 30 days, please reach out to the Department Representative with a status inquiry. Please be patient: department representatives are full-time film workers, and they process many requests in their spare time.

What are my rights as a Permit worker?

  • As a permit you will be working under the same contract and subject to the same rules as a member.
  • You are entitled to the same minimum rates.
  • You have a right to the same turnarounds, meal penalties and safe working conditions.
  • You will receive the same benefits. Please call or email our benefits coordinator with questions.

What are my responsibilities as a permit worker?

  • Follow all safety guidelines at work. Communicate with your department head or representative if you have any concerns.
  • Monitor and update your account.
  • Report all of your union days worked in a timely manner. (Typically within a week.)
  • When eligible, return your application in a timely manner.
  • You are responsible for paying 2.5% work dues to the local on all earnings, even as a permit worker.

How do I get work?

489 is not a hiring hall.  We do not have a call steward and we do not have a seniority list. Ultimately, you are responsible for building relationships, a good reputation, and finding your own work. Your success is only limited by yourself. If you keep your skill set sharp and learn from members who have come before you, you will be more hireable. 

What items will I need to prepare to include in my application packet?

  • The application itself - completed in full, including a signature from your desired department representative.
  • Application fees in the form of a check or money order made out to IATSE 489.
    • $400 with your application and $573 upon acceptance of your application, for a total of  $973.00.
  • Hard copies of your proof of residence, your resume, and your work history.
    • Including 30 days worth of pay stubs as proof of obtained union days.
      • Please send copies, not originals so that you can keep those for your records. 
  • Two (2) signed letters of recommendation from 489 members in the craft for which you are applying. 
    • Members need to be in good standing with an initiation date of two years or more.
  • In addition, online training must be completed before the International will accept your application.

Where do I send my application packet?
IATSE Local 489
Attn: Secretary
P.O. Box 100056
Pittsburgh, PA 15233-0056

What is the application process?

  • The process begins when you return your application.  It is received by the Secretary and reviewed for completeness. Only complete applications will be accepted.
  • You are required to complete three online training sessions before your application will be mailed to the International. 
    • A1 & A2 Safety Training, and Harassment Prevention training HP1 will be listed in the detailed email you receive when you are accepted to the permit list. 
      • We recommend you complete these as soon as possible as the turnaround on the front and back end takes time. These courses will educate and prepare you as you begin your union career.
  • All requirements must be met by 16 days prior to the 2nd Sunday of the Month.  Applicants are then read at the next regularly scheduled Executive Board Meeting which is followed by a blind ballot vote by Executive Board Members present. 
  • Your application and supporting documents are then sent to the International for endorsement. This can take a few weeks to turnaround.
  • Once 489 receives notification of your acceptance,  you will receive a welcome email, and your online account will be changed to a member account with access to all of our online resources. In a few weeks you will receive your physical membership card with your first quarter stamp in the mail.

Can I continue to work while my application is being processed?
Yes. You can still accept union work. You are still responsible for reporting your days via the website, keeping your account active, and paying the 2.5% work dues to the local on all earnings.

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