Production Companies

Production Companies occasionally hire people to travel to Pittsburgh to work on their film and television productions.  This is a contractual condition called “Distant Hires.”  We understand the importance of hiring local people to save the costs associated with “Distant Hires.”  We will do everything possible to help a production company save money by hiring locally.  In the event, a production could not find the experience needed locally, an IATSE member in good standing will be hired as a “Distant Hire.” 

Production Companies occasionally ask to hire people with less experience allowing for people to enter film and television industry.  This is a condition beyond the scope of qualified persons with work experience.  The importance of migrating new people into the Pittsburgh film and television industry is why we have a Permit List.

Our Permit List is of people who are in the process of applying to membership in IATSE Local 489.  They must have thirty (30) days of work experience before they can join IATSE Local 489.  In Pennsylvania, it is a condition of employment under our union security clause to become and thereafter remain a member in good standing on or after their thirtieth day of their employment.

We want to ensure everyone can join IATSE Local 489, so we give our list of less experienced people to production department heads when the need arises.  This allows people already on their way to obtain their thirty (30) days the first chance at employment.