Permit List Information

This page is mainly for persons already on the Permit List.  If you have not yet applied then please see our How to Join page first.

Once you have accrued 30 workdays on one or more union productions, you will become eligible to request an application to Local No. 489. As a permit being considered for work with and membership to our local, the following are your responsibilities; failure to complete one or more of these tasks may result in delays in or removal from the permit list.

Report Your Work:

When hired on a production, you should immediately begin submitting your workdays on a weekly basis. The Secretary-Treasurer will need to have your 30 workdays confirmed in order to send out your membership application. Please visit the page below and familiarize yourself with the Report Your Work form. Failure to report your work in a timely fashion may result in a delay sending out your application, until your workdays can be confirmed.

Know Your Executive Board:

Our executive board is composed of elected officers and department representatives for each craft within our union. When you are hired on a production, it is important that you know your craft designation and your department representative. This individual can help you with questions you may have regarding your department, and the application process; your application for membership will also require the signature of your representative.

When you have accrued 30 days working on one or more union productions, you request an application to join the union; for this you will need to contact the Secretary-Treasurer.

If you have questions concerning contractual issues, or actions that you are allowed, required or prohibited from doing while working on a production, contact the Business Agent.

The Executive Board page has a list of all current executive board officers and department heads.

Track Your Benefits:

In addition to the wages you receive in your paycheck, you also get employer contributions sent to the National Benefit Fund office for each day you work. These contributions fund an active health coverage plan or medical reimbursement plan, an annuity account, and a pension fund for when you become vested.

Please Note: you will qualify for IATSE National Benefits before you complete your 30 days with Local 489. Contact Teresa Kann, Local 489 Benefits Coordinator, at 412-926-3578 or as soon as possible after you begin working. She will need additional information from you for the Natonal Benefit Fund office to ensure that you receive your information.

Annual Renewal of Interest:

In some cases it may take more than a year to accrue the 30 days necessary to request an application to become a member of Local No. 489. Starting from the date your application was accepted, it is your responsibility to confirm your continued interest in remaining on the Permit List by notifying the Secretary-Treasurer. Failure to communicate your interest in remaining on the Permit List may result in your removal.