How to Join IATSE Local 489

We are always looking for prospective new members of Local 489, but we have a process that must be followed in order to be referred for work and eventually join.  If you have any questions about the process or the status of your application please contact the department representatives.

Permit List

We maintain a Permit List of persons who have undergone a preliminary screening to suitability for entry-level work on productions.  Prospective members need to first be added to the Permit List, and then after they have worked on union productions for a while they may have an opportunity to join the union. Members of the Local are considered first when work is available but there will be times when there are not enough members to fill the available jobs.  When this happens we look to the Permit List for additional workers.

To Be Added To the Permit List

To be added to the permit list you will need to indicate the craft(s) you feel you are qualified to work in, and you will need to provide four items to us:

  • Proof of residence within our jurisdictional area (Pennsylvania within a 50-mile radius around Downtown Pittsburgh - proof can be a valid drivers license or State ID from Pennsylvania showing residency in the jurisdiction of Local 489, or if you do not have that we will also accept the documents that the DMV requires to establish residency)
  • A resume showing your relevant experience
  • A "signed" (checked) Permit List Application (online)

Once you have all of your documents in an electronic form go to the Online Permit List Application, fill out the form, and upload the documents. Your submission will be sent to the department representative(s) for the craft(s) you selected. They will review your experience and qualifications, and may contact you for more information or to verify references. Once one or more of the representatives have indicated that you seem ready for entry-level work in their department they will approve you in that department and you will be added to the Permit List and you will be told that you have been added.

To stay on the Permit List

Once you are on the Permit List there are a few obligations to stay on the list:

  • Perform, and continue to perform, satisfactory work on all productions
  • Report your work to your Department Representative promptly
  • Keep your resume and contact information up-to-date
  • Respond promptly to all official communications from the Local
  • At least once a year indicate that you wish to remain on the Permit List

You will be removed from the Permit List after you are inactive for a year. Regardless of elapsed time since you were last active, you may be removed from the Permit List for performance or behavior that is unacceptable on a production.

Applying for Union Membership

Once you have worked at least 30 days on union productions in crafts that we represent you are able to apply for membership in IATSE and Local 489.  The Membership Committee Chair will contact you with more information when you are getting close to that number. Our records are based on the work you report, so be sure to always report your work promptly to avoid delays. You can find more information on our Application Procedure page

Departmental Contacts

If you wish to ask the department representatives any questions you can reach them at the email addresses below: