Government Forms

This will be the location for government forms, either faderal, state, or local.  Where feasible they are links directly to the source of the form, if any of the links have changed please tell the Webmaster.



IRS Form W-4 is the Employee's Witholding Allowance Certificate.  A PDF copy of form W-4 is available from the IRS web site.  This file contains the instructions for completing the form as well.


DHS/USCIS Form I-9 is the Employment Eligibility Verification.  A PDF copy of Form I-9 is available from the USCIS web site and also contains the instructions for completing the form.


PSD Codes and Residency Certification Form

Pennsylvania earned income tax is flat across the state and does not require any witholding forms, but via Act 32 local municipalities collect their earned income taxes through the state and that does require a state form, the Residency Certification Form.  A copy of that form is available on the state web site, and a list of the associated Political Subdivision Codes (PSD Codes) needed to complete the form is there too.  The state also provides an online look-up tool for the PSD Codes.  The Pennsylvania links are prone to suddenly changing, if you do not see what you are supposed to at those links please inform the Webmaster.


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