IATSE Local 489 Diversity Policy Statement

Diversity, though not easily captured in a single definition, allows IATSE Local 489 to benefit from the talents, abilities, ideas and viewpoints of a workforce drawn from the richness of American society, including men, women, minority groups, people with disabilities and veterans. It is achieved by using two key enablers: providing unfettered employment opportunities to all qualified employees equally and creating and sustaining an organizational climate in which people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, races, religions, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnicities and experiences are fully included, valued and respected.

Diversity is vital to high performance and excellence. Diversity sparks innovation by incorporating new approaches and fresh perspectives to problem solving. Attracting and employing a diverse and talented team of studio mechanics enables us to better perform our challenging mission.

We must strive to create a climate of equity that fosters an environment where all qualified individuals have the opportunity to prosper, advance in their careers and within the union, and to contribute their utmost to the industry and to the union. We must strive to ensure that our union retains and sustains a diverse, talented and highly skilled workforce. Local 489 is committed to making diversity a priority.


Adopted February 14, 2016