Application Procedure

IATSE Local No. 489 Membership Application Procedure


Joining IATSE Local 489 is a multi-step process that will take some time to complete.

To become a member of IATSE Local No. 489, You must be on the Permit List before applying to IATSE 489 membership ...

Once you have worked and reported 30 days on union productions in crafts that we represent, an application for membership in IATSE Local 489 will be sent automatically.


Those who pass the Membership vote must then be approved by our parent organization, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, its Territories and Canada.

Joining the Local is not free. The costs to join are listed below, which apply regardless of your employment status.  In addition to these fees and your annual membership dues, when working in a covered craft on a contract production you will owe 2.5% of your gross wages to the Local.


There are a few things to should consider before applying to the Local.

First, we are not a hiring hall.   You will be responsible for finding work for yourself.  Our responsibility is to protect you once you are working.

Once you join the Local, you will be a member for life.   If you are expelled or take an honorable withdrawal, you will owe back dues to the Local and to the International.   You will have to pay these intervening dues if you wish to rejoin the Local at a later date.   



If you qualify for membership and feel it is right for you, the first step would be to identify a Local Executive Board 489 Sponsor whose primary craft is the same as your desired primary craft.

In the case where the Local 489 Sponsor is not a member of the applicant’s primary craft, the Sponsor must appear at the next scheduled Local 489 Executive Board meeting to ask for a waiver of this specific application provision.

The waiver is subject to approval by the Local 489 Executive Board.

Executive Board Department Representatives (Sponsors)



Ordinarily an application package will be sent to you automatically upon reporting 30 days worked on the permit list, please ensure that your mailing address is kept up to date so you will receive it when it is sent.  If several weeks have elapsed since you reported your 30th day worked you may request that an additional application be sent to you from the local 489 office by emailing or calling 412.926.6490


MAIL your completed application packet back to the IATSE Local 489 Applications Committee.  They cannot be faxed or emailed.

IATSE Local 489
Attn: Applications Committee
P.O. Box 100056
Pittsburgh, PA 15233-0056





1. Proof of Residency

Provide copies of Proof of Residency within the Local 489 geographical jurisdiction (Pittsburgh).  The two required documents to verify residency are the following:

a. A valid Driver’s License or State ID from Pennsylvania showing 18 months minimum residency in the jurisdiction of Local 489


b. A valid driver's license or State ID from Pennsylvania showing that you are currently a resident of our jurisdiction AND documents listed on the section for how to establish residency at showing that you have resided within the jurisdiction for at least 18 months


c. All documents required to establish residency at, at least some of which shows that you have residend in our jurisdiction at least 18 months.

**If you have NOT lived within the local 489 jurisdiction for 18 months, please contact our Business Agent at


2. Work History

Include a verifiable Resume of your film work history with the dates of Productions and the name(s) of your immediate supervisors, education and/or relevant experience.   


3. Professional References

Provide Two (2) signed letters of professional reference.  References must be a minimum of 75 words in length.  These references must be from Local 489 members in your craft category with whom are in good standing and have been members for at least 24 months.   Your Executive Board Sponsor may be one of your two Local 489 references.  


4. Payment

Include a money order or cashier's check for $100.00 payable to IATSE (not to IATSE Local 489)

  1. IATSE Application Processing Fee ($100.00, nonrefundable once sent to the IA)

Include a separate check or money order, payable to IATSE Local 489, for $873.00 which includes the following:

  1. Initiation Fee ($800.00)
  2. One Quarter's Dues (1/4 of Annual Dues, $73.00 per quarter through 2025)



Once voted in by the Executive Board and approved by IA International you will be notified with the date to be sworn in to become a member.
You will be sent your union card, per capita stamp and a copy of Local 489 Constitution and By-Laws.  At this time, you will be added to the Membership Roster on the website.

All members of the Local shall be notified, in writing, of the names of all applicants eligible to be voted upon at the Executive Board meeting, no less than fifteen (15) days prior to that meeting.

At the consecutive Executive Board Meeting, the second reading of the application to the membership and vote by the Executive Board will take place.


Please note:

While an applicant, if you are called to work on a production in a Local 489 represented craft, you must notify your respective Department Representative of Local 489 immediately.  


Executive Board Officers